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A story of friendship, trust and insolvency

Ana_1sht_Concept Final.jpg

Genre: #drama

Year of release: 2019

Director: Charles McDougall

Cast: Dafne Keen, Andy Garcia

Producers: Luillo Ruiz

Writer: Cris Cole

Synopsis: With the Puerto Rican recession in full swing, bankrupt second- hand automobile dealer, Rafa, can’t imagine life will get much worse… That is until he discovers nine-year-old Ana sleeping in the back of one of his cars. Ana’s mother has just been arrested and imprisoned and with no one else to turn to she latches on to Rafa at the worst possible time in his life. In an attempt to both locate Ana’s father and somehow settle Rafa’s increasingly pressing debts, the unlikely duo embark on a colorful journey across the island.


What follows is an expedition of mystery and danger that pits the fundamentally moral Rafa and the inherently manipulative Ana against violent gangsters, moonshine producing mountain farmers, local superstitions and a hugely crooked and formidable evangelical church group.


Ana is written by Cris Cole (Mad Dogs) and will be directed by Charles McDougall whose credits include House Of Cards for Netflix, The Secret Agent for BBC, Secrets and Lies for ABC and The Office for NBC. The film is produced by Luillo Ruiz¹ Pimienta Company.

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