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They’re not going to stop… and neither will he.


Genre: #thriller

Year of release: 2011

Director: Hadi Hajaig

Cast: Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling, Abhin Galeya, Tuppence Middleton, James Fox, Peter Polycarpou, Michelle Ryan

Producers: Hadi Hajaig, Harry F. Rushton, David Sumnall

Writer: Hadi Hajaig

Synopsis: Sean Bean plays Ewan, a secret service agent, deep undercover in London’s criminal underbelly, on the heels of a terrorist cell. His mission: to terminate with extreme prejudice. Also starring James Fox and Charlotte Rampling as his operators and Abhin Galeya as Ash, the eponymous “cleanskin”, an extremist with no previous convictions so therefore unknown to national security…and every agent’s worst nightmare.

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