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Demon Disorder

There is no cure


Genre: #horror


Production status: Completed

Director: Steven Boyle

Cast: John Noble, Charles Cottier, Dirk Hunter, Christian Willis

Producers: Kyle Lema

Writer: Steven Boyle

Synopsis: Graham is a man haunted by his past since the death of his father and the estrangement from his two brothers. Jake, his middle brothers contacts Graham claiming that something is horribly wrong. Phillip, their younger brother is possessed by their deceased father. raham reluctantly agrees to go and see for himself.
With the three brothers back together, they soon realise they are unprepared for the forces against them. With Graham forced to accept that their younger brother is indeed possessed, they soon learn that the sins of their past will not stay hidden. But how do you defeat a presence that knows you inside and out? An anger so powerful it
refuses to stay dead? A rage that wants revenge on the sons that murdered him….

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