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To catch a predator he must think like one


Genre: #thriller

Year of release: 2018

Director: Michael Peterson

Cast: Michael Ironside, Munro Chambers, Luca Villacis

Producers: Julian Black Antelope, Lars Lehmann, Kurtis David Harder, Michael Peterson

Writer: Kevin Cockle, Michael Peterson

Synopsis: After his Grandfather unexpectedly dies in the night, 12 year old Henry finds himself cut off and alone on an isolated farm. When his nearest neighbour, Dixon realises that the boy has no one to protect him, Henry becomes a target for reasons he cannot understand. With his parents at least 24 hours from returning, and a massive snow storm brewing Henry retreats into the house and prepares for a siege. What follows is a desperate battle for survival that will also unlock the terrifying connection between his family and the killer next door.


Best described as an R rated version of Home Alone, Knuckleball stars Luca Villacis (Channel Zero), Munro Chambers (Turbo Kid) and Michael Ironside (Scanners, Total Recall). Directed by Mike Peterson (Lloyd The Conqueror), written by Kevin Cockle and Mike Peterson and produced by Mike Peterson, Kurtis David Harder and Lars Lehmann.

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