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A crime anthology in five parts


Genre: #crime

Year of release: 2017

Director: Ryan Prows

Cast: Nicki Micheaux, Ricardo Adam Zarate, Jon Oswald, Shaye Ogbonna, Santana Dempsey and Mark Burnham

Producers: Narineh Hacopian, Derek Bishé, Tim Cairo

Writer: Tim Cairo, Jake Gibson, Shaye Ogbonna, Ryan Prows, Maxwell Towson

Synopsis: When a simple organ harvesting caper goes awry, a twist of fate unites three of society’s forgotten and ignored: El Monstruo, a disgraced Mexican Wrestler working as hired muscle for a local crime boss. Crystal, a recovering addict desperate enough to arrange a black market kidney transplant to save her husband’s life. And Randy, a loveable two-strike convict fresh out of prison, cursed with a full-face swastika tattoo and a best friend guilting him into some hair-brained kidnapping scheme.


As the sordid lives of these small-time criminals collide, they must fight tooth and nail to save a pregnant woman from a very certain, and surely gruesome death.

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