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Skate or Die

Ride for your life


Genre: #horror #thriller #action


Production status: Pre-Production

Director: Jerome Sable (Stage Fright, The Legend Of Beaver Dam)

Cast: tbc

Producers: Philip Kalin-Hajdu (The Sacrifice Game)

Writer: Jerome Sable & Nicholas Musurca

Synopsis: Desperate to escape their small town, four skaters sign up for an underground competition on the dark web, hoping it will be their big break—but instead find themselves trapped in a brutal, unending nightmare. To survive, they’ll have to find a way to come together as a team before it’s too late. The unholy union of Battle Royale, The Running Man, and Kids, SKATE OR DIE is the horror movie that skaters have been waiting for: a dive into the terrifying netherworld of the digital age, packed with eye-popping skate stunts that no one in their right mind should ever attempt.

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