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Spoonful of Sugar

Official selection Fantastic Fest


Genre: #horror #thriller


Production status: Completed

Director: Mercedes Bryce Morgan (Fixation)

Cast: Morgan Saylor, Kat Foster, Myko Olivier, Danilo Crovetti, David Yow

Producers: Natalie Metzger (Werewolves Within), Matt Miller (A Bread Factory, Grief of Others), Katrina Kudlick (Fixation) 

Writer: Leah Saint Marie

Synopsis: A disturbed babysitter experiences a sexual awakening while using LSD to alternatively treat a seemingly 'sick' child from a family with dark secrets of their own.

"Scary Poppins"

'Imagine "Mary Poppins" breakneck twisting into the darkness of "Orphan" or "Hard Candy".'

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