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Submission form

Have we never met? Would you like to send us a script?

If you would like to submit a new project please do so but we would ask you to take a look at the following questions and answer them first:

1.Please check our website and maybe ask around as to the kind of films we do.

2.Please tell us who you are (if we don’t know you) and your credits and/or brief bio.

3.Please list any other key people (i.e. director, producer, writer, EPs, HODs, cast) and their respective credits.

4.What's the genre? (Check Netflix or Itunes to check what are the established genres in the market).

5.What's the two line pitch?

6.What's the budget (even if a guesstimate at this stage) and do you have any financing attached?

7.Please include a short 5-15 line synopsis.

Thanks for submitting!

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