Submission Form

Have we never met? Would you like to send us a script?

If you would like to submit a new project please do so but we would ask you to take a look at the following questions and answer them first:

  • 1.Please check our website and maybe ask around as to the kind of films we do.
  • 2.Please tell us who you are (if we dont know you) and your credits and/or brief biog
  • 3.Please list any other key people (ie director, producer, writer, EPs, HODs, cast) and their respective credits.
  • 4.What's the genre (check Netflix or Itunes to check what are the established genres in the market).
  • 5.What's the two line pitch?
  • 6.What's the budget (even if a guesstimate at this stage) and do you have any financing attached?
  • 7.Please include a short 5-15 line synopsis.