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The Obscure Life of the Grand Duke of Corsica

Money can't buy you everything, except immortality

Grand Duke.jpg

Genre: #comedy #drama

Year of release: 2021

Director: Daniel Graham

Cast: Timothy Spall, Peter Stormare

Producers: Chris Hardman, Matt Hookings

Writer: Daniel Graham

Synopsis: Alfred Rott’s reputation as a womanizing, foul-mouthed genius follows him like a late afternoonshadow. After falling out with authorities over a new Arts Centre in Malta, Rott is invited to an exclusiveorgy where he is handed a once-in-a-lifetime invitation. Some days later he visits an eccentric billionaireon the island of Malta who calls himself 'The Grand Duke of Corsica'. The Grand Duke commissionsAlfred to build him a personalized mausoleum in preparation for his own death. Concurrently, wewitnessthe struggles of a young actor as he plays one of the most revered religious icons of all time, StFrancis Of Assisi. His own story eventually intertwines with that of Alfred as the two men come to termswith the impossible nature of art. Adeadly pandemic on the island causes the entire population to flee.

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