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The Paper Tigers

A Kung Fu comedy for the underdog

Genre: #Kung Fu Action Comedy #action #comedy

Year of release: 2020

Rotten Tomatoes review: The Paper Tigers voted #3 best comedy by Rotten Tomatoes

Director: Tran Quoc Bao

Cast: Alain Uy, Ron Yuan, Mykel Shannon Jenkins

Producers: A.Duong, D.Gildark, Y.Okumoto, T.Q.Bao, M. Velasquez

Writer: Tran Quoc Bao

Synopsis: Three former Kung Fu prodigies who are now washed-up middle-aged men, one kick away from pulling their hamstrings. When their master is murdered, they must escape their dead-end jobs and overcome old grudges to avenge his death.

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