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The Red

There's an outbreak in the outback


Genre: #survival #horror #creature

Production status: Post-production

Director: Ryan Coonan  based on his award-winning short film Waterborne. Produced in 2014, Waterborne played at over 70 festivals around the world including Fantasia, Fantastic Fest and Sitges.  

Cast: Tess Haubrich (Spiderhead, Alien: Covenant), Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens, Tombstone), Angie Milliken (Elvis, Spiderhead) 

Producers: Judd Tilyard, Liz Tomkins and Jessica Butland

Writer: Richard Barcaricchio & Ryan Coonan

Synopsis: A young sheriff, obsessed with living up to her dead father’s legacy, finds her mettle tested to the limit when locals start being found ripped to shreds. Now she must finally face up to her past, and work with her eccentric Vietnam Veteran uncle to defeat the beast before it kills everyone in town.

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