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The Wrecker

Prepare for demolition


Genre: #action #revenge


Production status: Post-production

Director: Art Camacho

Cast: Harvey Keitel, Tyrese Gibson, Danny Trejo, Mena Suvari and Niko Foster

Producers: Al Bravo, Colin Bates, Niko Foster, HemDee Kiwanuka, Eduard Osipov, Michael Pizzimenti

Writer: Niko Foster

Synopsis: Tony Minetti (Niko Foster) is an honorable ex marine turned family man and mechanic After his reckless kid brother attracts the negative attention of a prominent local crime boss Dante (Keitel), Tony’s young family becomes the unintended victims. A local detective (Tyrese Gibson) tries to intervene but the damage has been done. Dante has started a war with a man that has nothing to lose. With insurmountable odds against him and his newly renovated armoured tow truck, Tony Minetti has found his new life course, Tony has become THE WRECKER.

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