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Wild Honey Pie!

Scratching the seven year itch until it bleeds

Wild Honey Pie!.jpg

Genre: #comedy #drama

Year of release: 2018

Director: Jamie Adams

Cast: Jemima Kirke, Sarah Solemani, Alice Lowe, Richard Elis

ProducersJamie Adams, Noel Clarke, Jason Maza, Maggie Monteith

Writer: Jamie Adams

Synopsis: English Gillian and her Welsh husband Oliver are, if not newlyweds, then at least not-long-weds in their early 30s who haven't quite launched themselves out of the nest. Living in a house on the coast not far from Cardiff that's owned by Ollie's mother, Janet and seemingly decorated to appeal to impecunious AirBnB clients, they're just about getting by. Oliver earns a pittance as a DJ once a week and spins discs at the occasional wedding. Gillian, meanwhile, is directing a production she wrote herself about a young married couple struggling to understand themselves. In any event, even though Gillian and Oliver are clearly best friends who share the same sense of absurdist humor and are well matched intellectually, their sex life is a bit vanilla for Gillian's taste.

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